How to Approach People About the Business

by Ray Meurer

One of the things that can pay huge prospecting dividends for you is learning to separate your approach from your presentation.

When I learned that the approach was different from the presentation it changed everything for me. I was one of those pitchmeister guys who started talking and never put on the brakes.

Your approach should be short, question based, and focused on your prospect’s life. It’s not about sharing product information. The purpose of your approach is to build a little relationship and to see if you have a qualified prospect-if they have an open mind to hearing about your business opportunity.

I’ll be talking about your approach a lot on this blog. I see many distributors struggle with the approach. Your approach is the foundation of your prospecting effort. And growing your business is all about prospecting, especially in the beginning.

Here’s a video I did about the approach.

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